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You and I have been over this far too many times. I spent $18k for ~725 wheel on 93 and ~750 on 100 oct.

If you hate HPE so intensely, then stay off of HPE threads. Other HPE fans don't post here because of haters like you and Blaq.

Surely you've posted at least 100, "I hate HPE" posts.

Originally Posted by Camaro1973 View Post
I would be embarrassed to post this. You barely made 700whp SAE and you spent 30k.
Congratulations on the lowest hp and highest money spent award.
HPE 850 + KongX + GT100 = 1050 bhp corrected
1.60/10.56/131 @ 8043 DA (9 runs so far)
3735# w/o driver

On order:
Kong LT4 TVS R2650; LPE BBDI FP; XDI +30
Some previous cars:
2016 GTR
2013 GTR
2011 BMW M3
2006 PS GTO 4-link sportsman race car (6.52/212)
2001 LS1 Procharger/N2O (9.90 at 8000DA)
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