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I see this thread has been revived.

I have since changed my oil.

I followed Lethal Garages video. Even going to Harbor Freight and getting two 3 ton floor jacks. I had forgotten that my aluminum floor jack was only 2 ton. I guess with old age I am not as adventurous about lifting and getting under the car.

I lifted the Camaro on one side and was sliding my jack stand under the frame. But looking at the underside of the chassis I didn't feel comfortable with placing the jack stand there. I think it could cause some minor damage on other things under the chassis. This is just me. I have no doubt that this point will support the car on jack stands.

While this is not recommended. I have the ZL1 addon lift pads on installed. With rubber boots on the typical jack stands and placed them under the jack pads. With the jack stand and floor jack supporting one side of the car, I lifted the other side of the car and placed a jack stand on the forward jack pad (with a rubber boot on the jack stand).

My intent was the lift the rear of the car, and place it on all four jack stands. However, with the suitcase muffler, accessing the rear cross member was difficult. Trying to place jack stands on the rear by lifting from the sides of the chassis proved to be a bad idea.

So with just the front end on jack stands, I changed the oil. I'll change the differential fluid when I can get the car on a lift. There may be a Quickjack in my future.

Funny thing. I sold the White 1SS 1LE to Carmax a week later and bought a Shadow Grey Metallic ZL1 A10.
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