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Originally Posted by Chutzpah View Post
I agree on the unibody points as being the best secure jack stand locations. However, for me, the potential of being crushed, scares the hell out of me. I wonít place my body under a car with just one form of support that has three failure points (IE pinch weld - to puck - to hydraulic jack). Thatís right, I freely admit, Iím a chicken. Iíd more than likely utilize the Esco type design as a secondary back up at another pinch weld, prior to sliding another jack stand and my body under the car.

Only reason I say this is Iíve seen some bad things happen to safety conscience people... more is always better when it comes to safety. For me, it took being electrocuted, a close call on a moss covered roof, a ladder failure, hoisting pick point failure and personally witnessing deaths / maiming of others to realize unexpected / stupid shit happens.
I typically have the floor jacks and stands in place.
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