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Just to jump in here being an employee of ZL1 Addons and also being the one who made the linked video.

You should avoid putting jack stands on a pinch weld period unless you have a pinch weld designed stand. Jack stands are not designed for that sort of placement.

The main body of the unibody is a perfect solid point to put stands as outlined in the video. I know of 5 performance shops that only use those points. You just want to make sure you have it under an area that offers enough space on both sides so the car sits nice and flat and even if it did slip, it's going nowhere. I have pulled the motor and had my car hovering on these spots for years based on the suggestion of the shops I have talked to. All of them avoid the pinch welds.

The ZL1 products are designed to work with Lifts and floor jacks. Never use them with a jack stand. Your car with the ZL1 Addons products on a Jack stand is very dangerous and can easily slide off the stands.
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