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Originally Posted by UnknownJinX View Post
Track Prep Manual actually shows that 15W-50 can be used on the track. Pretty sure I saw 15W-50 is okay for track use only somewhere. It might be a C7 manual.

And I don't tend to buy fluids online, for the very simple reason that whatever savings I can get, shipping (and import/duty if it's not in Canada) will absolutely destroy it. Fluids cost a crap ton to ship in general. Thanks for the link, though.
Yes, it's definitely okay but not mandatory like it is for the ZLE. (just listed as an alternative if others are not available) I think most would not want to do an additional change just for a track day if not required. 15W-50 is not recommended for street use in any of our cars so you would have to change back to 0W40.

I normally don't buy oil online either except this is so hard to get in the store and the dealers charge an arm and a leg. We've had a couple of threads on this and Speedway came out tops shipped to your door. I've ordered at least 4 times from them and had $20 off coupons a couple times. I've also never paid shipping.

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