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Thank you Al Oppenheiser!
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If I were to do it again, I'd drop the extra $2-3k and PPF the entire car, skip the ceramic coating (except for wheels), and just do the hydrophobic.

What I did was (not a ZLE) with Suntek Ultra self-healing PPF:
1) Full front including heat extractor and headlights. Emblems removed and replaced after film.
2) Rockers up to the body line in the door (this area takes a lot of hits from tires kicking up rocks)
3) Windshield surround.
4) Mirrors.
5) Behind the front and rear wheels (also takes a lot of hits).
6) Gtechniq Crystal Serum black ceramic coating on the entire car & wheels.
7) Gtechniq EXO durable hydrophobic coating entire car & wheels.

3 years later it still looks brand new.

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