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Originally Posted by Blackmonba6Gen View Post
When it comes to tires.. I am torn between the Michelin PS4S or the Nitto NT01(I'm open to others options). The reason why is because since I am not towing my car to these different track events my car will gain miles with the tires going-to and from the track alone this year. I will be tracking my car at National Corvette Museum (500 miles round trip), then to Autobahn in Illinois(500 Miles Round Trip) and 2 local track events. So I'm trying to justify which tire will fit best for this scenario. If i had to buy another set, I figure that would be the case anyways because I dont think the tires will last anyways after the first two track weekends.
I wouldn't want to have to drive that far on NT01s, and the Michelins are not that great on the track (and are often pricey). So if 100 treadware tires and 300 treadwear tires aren't good for your usage, take a look at the 200 TW class.
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