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Fully Photoshop-rendered and de-camoed front, side and rear 2016 Camaro

I took a stab at a rear de-camo.This time I went full quality by using an actual Camaro photo at a similar angle and grafted it on to the camo shot. By comparison, my initial front de-camo render looks a little rough.

I find grafting a photo to the actual camo image gives a really accurate impression of the stance and proportion of the car, since the wheels are the real deal.

Go ahead and hate on the headlights and taillights, they are only a guess/placeholder. Any critique negative or positive is appreciated, I have thick skin, I can take it. Modify it any way you like. RDesign has already refined the front end. I'll repost it here.

Updated renderings 11/9/14:

Updated renderings 11/4/14:

Updated renderings 10/24/14:

Updated rendering 10/16/14:

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