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Originally Posted by I3CuBeD View Post
So I made my purchase also from Koon's on Friday 12/30/16. Sadly I did not get the same deal it looks like you and chub got.

-$1,000 trade in

destination $995
license/reg $268.50
processing $599
Sales tax $3103.05

Balance $46,248.55

I feel like it was an OK deal but saving $3k would have been even better. Ah well so far car is awesome!! I am getting used to it though so I am driving it like a whimp plus with weather up here been rainy and cold. 1st rear wheel drive car and most horse power...need to learn its limits

Congrats on the new ride.

I know when I was doing the initial paper work they had another Black 1le that was a couple grand more just because it wasn't redtagged. I had to send him the link from their website showing the one I saw and it was like for like but just not redtagged -Discounted. And when I went to do the paper work they explained that there was such a huge demand since when I started the process so that might be why they're not discounting them anymore. Or at least Koon's.
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