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blazzin1 - weight loss = go fast parts!

Hi all! This will be a little bit of a different journal entry. Iím not really creating this to show off my car or to keep track of mods, but rather to keep track of my own personal journey, and hopefully to get some encouragement and tips from my fellow Camaro enthusiasts. Yes, I do have what I consider to be a nice 2016 Camaro SS with a few bolt-on mods here and there. Nothing incredibly special, but hereís the real reason for this journal...

Iím 48 years old, 5í8Ē, and currently 256 lbs! So yes, Iím old, short, and fat! I am happily married, and have two beautiful young girls (7 & 10), yes I started late in life. I was active-duty Air Force for 21 years, and retired from my aircraft technician career 10 years ago. Since then, itís been nothing but office jobs. Needless to say, the pounds have packed themselves on. I have a couple friends that are right around my same age who have had heart attacks already, and that kinda scares me! But if that wasnít enough of a reason, I canít seem to muster up the motivation to get off my ass and do something about it. Iíll admit it...Iím lazy, I utterly HATE dieting, and the thought of going to a gym literally makes me angry! But I gotta do something about it already. I want my Wife to stay physically attracted to me for the long run, and I certainly donít want to have a heart attack and leave my girls without a Father!

So, just two days ago, my Wife finally found what could really motivate me! She said if I can lose 36 lbs., bringing myself down to 220, she would let me buy a supercharger for my car!!! Itís been a long-time wish of mine, even when I had my 2010 SS before my 6th Gen. So, that is now my goal, with hopes of even surpassing that, I would ultimately like to be down to an even 200. I know some of you have probably lost more weight, and maybe feel this is easily obtainable. But it wonít be for me, Iím lazy, stubborn, and pretty set in my ways! So Iím gonna need lots of help, advice, and encouragement along the way! Wish me luck! The only question that remains...Magnuson or Procharger?
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