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Originally Posted by KPzypher View Post
Which blower cam would you recommend for the following setup?

6M, Centri., drop-in forged piston/rod, longtube

225/237 .648/.658 116+4
229/237 .651/.656 116+5

Will there be a big difference in drivability between the two in the low RPM range?

look under supercharger cams for centri, the first cam is very similar to my first cam, the second one is smaller than my current cam. The first one is basically a zero overlap cam so it will be kind of hard to tell it from stock. The second cam has overlap at .050 so will have a lope, mine is one step bigger and it is a "defined lope" cam. At speed say 2000 RPM and above, part throttle both of my cams worked fine. If you have an auto, you will need a stall for sure on the second cam (don't know about the first).

I like the lopepe doop and you can search the NA forum for my idle / rev video.

I'll post one with stock exhaust too as soon as I finish the tune (need to remove one cat to run the wideband so not stock right now).

You can easily makeup for the power with a pulley change so the cam is more of a sound / driveability choice. For me I'm in love with my defined lope cam, the zero overlap cam was just too mild for me.
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