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Originally Posted by Wizard1183 View Post
I'd imagine the base Camaro will be well under 3500 with the top optioned Camaro probably around 3500 and some change.
Agree 100%.

If the Alpha short wheel base platform is used (what the ATS rides on) I'd fully expect a turbo 4 version to come in UNDER 3,400 lbs...maybe even a hair under 3,300 as the OP says. If the base is the V6, then I'd expect a weight of around 3,400, give or take 50 lbs. A V8 model would be 3,500 +.

If the Alpha long wheel base is used (which the new CTS rides on) then I'd add 75 to 100 lbs or so on top of all my above figures.

I really don't see how anyone can say they don't expect any version of the next Camaro to be under 3,500 lbs. There are so many cars out there today, family sedans even that weigh less than that. The Alpha platform is light, and on top of that GM had made it a priority to cut more weight out of future products where they can. We are tired of heavy fat GM cars. Lets get the weight down to an acceptable level!

We don't really need a 500HP SS. All we really need is a version that weighs about 300 lbs less than the current car does. Even with the same power, the performance would kill the current car. Now throw the new LT1 in it, with all that extra TQ it has...the performance will dominate the current SS.

At 3,550 lbs, with 450 HP, that comes to 7.89 lbs per HP. Well under the magical 8lbs per HP that many people tend to talk about.

In my opinion, performance should not be a concern for the next gen Camaro. All I'm worried about at this point is if GM can get the LOOK right! If they nail that, the car will be another huge success.
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