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The following info came from gmauthority dated 5-13 about the new CTS and ATS alpha platform...some food for thought about comparing architectures...and where the '16 Camaro may fall in at since it's on alpha.

"Meanwhile, the use of aluminum contributes to a relatively light base curb weight of 3,600 pounds — 200 pounds lighter than a BMW 528i, and among the lightest vehicles in the midsize luxury sedan segment.
Compared to the 2013 CTS, the all-new 2014 CTS saves weight in the following categories:
  • 13.1 pounds by utilizing aluminum over steel bumpers.
  • 55 pounds by replacing the steel door panels with aluminum ones.
  • 14 pounds by making front strut towers of cast aluminum compared with steel used in current CTS.
  • 7.2 pounds from the IP structure, where extruded and stamped aluminum replaced cast magnesium.
  • 36.5 pounds by using extruded and cast aluminum vs. a steel powertrain cradle on the current model."
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