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Originally Posted by Exigent View Post
I have an ATS now, bought it as a way of previewing the next Camaro. So far I've been impressed.
Now take a look at Transformers 4 Bumblebee, loose the froufrou, put it on the 109.3 inch wheelbase (I think it may already BE)...squint, and there you have it!

The top brass claim the design is EVOLUTIONARY, not REVOLUTIONARY.
They gave us a heads up with the squinty eyed front for 2014. Bumblebee from Tr 4 is just a continuation. Tail lights are 2014. Haunches will be a bit different (as in TR 4) just because it's shorter. They are pretty much hiding the 2016 in plain sight.

ATS Coupe (shorter than sedan) is similar in size (larger wheelbase) to a Mustang. People who think they can't make a Camaro from that auspicious start are not engineers.
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