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Originally Posted by Bad@ssCamaro View Post
That's interesting that though you do love a particular shade of blue, you don't envision yourself buying it on a car. It could be that you have another favorite color that supercedes it **cough**

So is there that much politicking within the GM suits to have certain colors being approved from year to year? I think they missed out on rare opportunity to see how well a medium blue could be successful with the Kinetic Blue color. I think they could have sold AT LEAST another 50 units without the Hot Wheels package

In your opinion, what would it take get another color similar to it to come out for the Camaro?
Actually, blue is far and away my favorite color...I just view cars with a more mechanical, space-age vision...and thusly silver helps make the car look more machined and precise in my eyes.

Anyways, I think it's less politicking, and more about clever engineering/manufacturing work arounds. I can tell you that without the Camaro, Oshawa would probably never re-configure the paint shop so often like it does now for special cars and general color changes...

My bet is that the colors that Chevy deems "low volume" will be forever restricted to special editions. Because of three reasons:

1) The most obvious: low volume, limited run. Remember - the issue long term is having the paint literally spoil in the hoppers and wasting money/efficiency. So if you only plan to make so many, that is no longer an issue.

2) The next-generation car is going to be built alongside Cadillacs and will have to share painting resources. Bright, shocking colors like Synergy Green are not exactly Cadillac's thing...but ATS has a nice mid-dark blue that might find its way onto Camaro. Maybe?

3) By putting "wow" colors on special edition cars, it both makes the cars "special" besides some stickers, and allows them to say: Want a bright blue? We put it on the Hot Wheels car!

Ultimately - I do know they constantly re-evaluate, and aren't snubbing the requests for varying colors, especially blue...they read these messages, they hear you, they understand what enthusiasts are asking for. But ultimately, our desires are factored into production decisions alongside many others.
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