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Originally Posted by tramtwo View Post
A 6th Gen Camaro with an 450-460 HP LT1 engine that is 400-500 pounds less than the current model ?! WIN WIN WIN
We can't expect the V8 equipped 6th gen to come in at that weight. Expect something at least 3,550 to 3,600 lbs. I'm fairly certain that 3,418 is with the turbo 4 cylinder.

Originally Posted by GretchenGotGrowl View Post
The LTG is supposed to weigh in at 360 lbs and the LFX weighs in at 365 lbs, so the V6 should come in at a very similar weight unless they add AWD to that model.
I hope you are right! That would be great. Although on the ATS sedan, all the specs I've read put the V6 version at another 50 - 70 or so lbs more than the turbo version, and I don't see why it would make any difference in the sedan versus the coupe. It could be that the V6 version just had more options like magnetic ride or something.

Originally Posted by tw78911sc View Post
Ford just dropped 800lbs of the new 2015 F150 !! Aluminum body, Chevy has some catching up to do.
I've read up to 700 on the biggest models. The smaller models are less. If that's all true its still pretty damn impressive, but the Chevy was already three or four hundred lbs lighter than the Ford was.

Anyways...back to 6th gen Camaro. All this weight estimation is assuming the use the same chassis, and instead not a slightly larger version (like the CTS rides on). But if the ATS and 6th gen are going to be built in the same house as was reported on before, then I'd guess they'd be building on the same chassis....maybe, maybe not.

Can't wait until we start seeing mules running around.
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