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Originally Posted by AzItaliaSS View Post
Cause the 2014 sucks thats why! It is the reason why so many stood still looked at it, shook there head, and still say to themselves "meh". It is impressionless for a camaro standard and far from the benchmark set before it arrival. And noo plastic up the back half of it hasnt "grown" on alot of us, and nooo the tailight debacle hasnt "grown on us in time" blah blah blah. Get it right next time GM and make someones heart skip a beat for gods sake, not the "it will grow on your crap" spare us the propaganda.
So what you're saying is that a couple of warts is more than enough to overcome the goodness in everything that's right about the car? That you don't think you could ever get into the car and enjoy driving it without worrying about the parts you don't like.

If it matters any, your specific complaints are the same ones that people posted on the Mustang forums back when their 2010's came out. I didn't care for exactly the same things you mentioned not liking, but it wouldn't have stopped me from putting one on the short list if I'd have been in the market for a new car at the time. Really, they end up being somebody else's problem when I'm driving or parked in public, nobody's problem otherwise, and I could hardly care less either way. Same thing would apply to a 2014 1LE if I was shopping today.

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