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Originally Posted by MrCool View Post
Yes, I agree with that a lot. Upsides and downsides indeed. Personally, I would prefer if they focused on performance and cost rather than looks. It is one of the reasons why I like the 4th Gens more then the 5th.

Another point to consider is the originality of the design. I find it irritating when (especially Chevrolet) tries to make their design more European looking (like the new Corvette). I don't like European Cars, rather I like American Muscle Cars. that's a contradiction about design. I agree about what you say overall, but I don't see the C7 look being Euro. The 4th gen Camaro clearly had a more Euro Italian type look to me IMHO with the nose and headlights. I owned a 2002 35th Anniversary SS Camaro, 6 spd, and traded it in on the ZL1. Performance and cost comparision. The 35th SS price came in at 32K'ish, the ZL1 came in at 56K'ish. The 35th was 325 HP, the ZL1 is 580 HP. They can not be compared between ride quality, suspension, creature comforts, stability, traction, ride control, driver comfort, music, connectivity...and many other metric. The 35th Annv. SS was oldschool, all balls and no brains, it was a handfull and it was a twisty bendy architechtire from the factory. It was really quick though...I loved that LS1. The ZL1 is a full second faster with anyone behind the wheel, even better with a driver. I must say, having driven them all, the 5th Gen ZL1 is hands down World Champion Camaro of all time. The 5th Gen is retro '69, and we don't have a clue what the 6th will look like we?
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