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Would like to know how GM defines the demographic target market for Camaro's? Reason I would like to know is that the gen5 is a little retro but a more modern interpretation than current Mustangs (waiting to see what the new Mustangs will look like). I started driving in 1967, so I am old enough to remember what we now call retro was truly unique styling back in the day. Perhaps that is why I like my gen5 Camaro because it will not be mistaken for any other auto on the road, just like back in 1967. Perhaps that is why I am not very fond of the 2014, tail lights just too generic.

These concept style renderings, don't make me stop and look. Front end looks very heavy/massive. I like the gen5 fronts because emphasis is on the horizontal so front looks less massive and wider versus taller.

Already, so very tired of the GM trend to add massive vents on hoods of high preformance Camaro's and the new Corvette. Damn the new Corvette has black vents punched into multiple body panels. Yet I like the knife edge look of the new Corvette, this style caught my eye, and already decided if I have my 3rd middle age breakdown and buy a new Corvette first mod will be to paint all those vents body color.

So very tired of complaints regarding Camaro lackluster visibility. I adjusted within weeks. Only item I would like on my 2011 is the rear view Camera. I have car guy friends with some sweet truely sports cars. One is a Viper. It is wide, you have no clue as to length and width, but damn what a sweet ride. Try driving a new Cadillac 2-door coupe and then talk to me about lackluster visibility!

Others complain the gen5 too heavy. Agree. I also drive a 1998 Riviera, large two-door with very comfortable rear seat and massive trunk. My 2011 2LT is about 86 pounds heavier then the 1998 Riviera. Something wrong with this weight issue.

Wonder about the GM Camaro buyer demographic and would like to know their thinking. Perhaps I am not typical, age mid 60s, can afford to pay cash, the new Corvette made me wet and never even thought about buying a Corvette until now, the concept Cadillac Elmiraj almost brought me to climax like first time I saw the Camaro concept years ago. Camaro gen6, lighter (OK), smaller (I have issues). Less interior space, less trunk capacity, perhaps Chevy will loose me as a repeat customer. Only time will tell until GM gives us more info on next generation Camaro.
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