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Not much time to comment, but looking good (not so much from a "what will be" standpoint but from a "what you want it to be" one). I would honestly buy it the way it is, but I would buy it with some other looks as well. Nothing like that boxy fake looking silver rendering that keeps getting reposted, though, I dislike that one and its cartoon looks as well.

Can you incorporate a slanted center divider in each current taillight but keep the same outline that it is now? It would be sort of like a more advanced version of your '67 style version (which does look better when bigger, btw).

The reason I'm posting right now is to ask if you have a current-version front view pic that is the same size as your posted previous version (before you made the mirror/roof corrections). I'm PS'ing that old one, view "A" from post #265, but I'd like to merge your correct version with what I have already modded. That's much easier to do and more accurate if they're already the same size.

I was working on the front 3/4 view as I mentioned before but I don't have time to complete it as it's fairly complex from that angle and takes some time. The front view pic I can do one side of then mirror it to finish the other side, and there's less to mod from that view to begin with. I think I can pull that off with my current time constraints. I just want to show some ideas I have.

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