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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
I don't know if they'd want to go to the expense of two separate back ends and tail light assemblies. Probably not but I agree there should be more of a visual difference between the models.

I'd like to see just one V6 base model with the standard package of power, handling, features, that could be usable as a daily driver or just an all-around town/travel car. It should have an upgraded interior; no more plain and LX. As nice an interior as any of the other models except it doesn't have the extra performance features/gauges/seats/seat belts etc. of the higher performance V8 models.

The Rally Sport (RS) should be the base model with upgraded wheels, sways, handling and a little more power. This could be for the sporty driver around town but not really a track car. Add the 4 minor gauges.

The Super Sport (SS) upgrades to the V8 and is aimed at straight line performance; not really a road course suspension but upgraded bushings and such for improved traction and control.

The SS 1LE is the upgraded street performance/road course car. This car could be used in autocross or HPDE events. Upgraded seats with 5-point harness option, tow hooks, fire extinguisher, etc.... a genuine track pack/kit option.

The ZL1 is an all-around high-performance GT. More power and torque than the SS; equal or better than the 1LE on the track due to its exotic magnetic suspension, yet the driver can adjust it for a street cruise every bit as comfortable as the base model if desired. Upgraded seats.

The Z/28 is the road course track monster. Specialized and optimized for road course. Although it's street legal it's not really a street car...not for everyone.

It would be nice if outwardly there were enough visual differences to distinguish the models besides just a badge or lettering. The fender flares and aero package would be enough for the 1LE and Z/28; maybe even have different spoilers for each so the Z/28 would get the more extreme track spoiler. The base model, RS and SS would not have the throttle-actuated hood vent; the 1LE, ZL1 and Z/28 would. Of course you could do things with wheels to distinguish the models.

I'll work on visual ideas for the various models.
The way I see it is...

LS- base car v-6 B2

RS- base car v-6 with appearance package (D3 rear led lights, upgrade wheels, suspension and more options then base.

SS-base car V-8 B2 with upgraded wheels suspension and more options.

SS/RS V-8 car with RS appearance package.

SS 1LE track package RS available



To me this works with both your designs of the rear.
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