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Originally Posted by buckeyemike View Post
I've done two back-and-forth road trips from St Louis to Cleveland in both good and bad weather, my paint isn't messed up at all. Sounds more to me like people looking for reasons to bitch. Maybe learn to wax a car and protect the paint.

Listen, man, I'm not going to get into a measuring contest about who knows how to take care of a car.

My car doesn't see hardly any miles, is always washed carefully (much more carefully than cars with less sensitive paint) and the paint looks worse. I never follow anything, truck or otherwise, closely on the highway. My paint has chips ALL over it. Not just in high impact areas either, I have chips in places where the impact should have to be HARD to chip. Too many people have these problems to think it's a figment.

The paint is sensitive, soft, and weak. I can swirl this paint by LOOKING at it.
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