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Originally Posted by Mamooth View Post
The paint sucks. Sorry man. I have a 2010 Ford that sees 10x as much mileage as this 2012 car and it looks better. The paint is shit. As I said, most paint is shit now but this shit is particularly shitty.

People should stop acting like it ISN'T a quality control issue. I've programmed in many a paint shop and I know shit paint from all the times the measuring boys come back and make my robot guys change paths and patterns. This is some truly soft paint, man. It's not a dig or Chevy bashing, it's just the truth. Not to mention that every exterior surface of every Camaro I've ever seen has orange peel somewhere. You don't even get that on a Cruze.
I've done two back-and-forth road trips from St Louis to Cleveland in both good and bad weather, my paint isn't messed up at all. Sounds more to me like people looking for reasons to bitch. Maybe learn to wax a car and protect the paint.
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