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Originally Posted by LSXaddict View Post

Just little common sense things like Stereo, AC, Power windows+locks, USB and AUX port, and cruise control. Everything else should be optional.

It seems that there are various interpretations of "stripped", as my own list is shorter still.

A/C is a virtual necessity even if you don't have heat stress issues - it's the fastest way to clear a fogging up windshield (A/C + heat, with defrost and outside air) and in this part of the country is worth it for that reason alone. As a "paint-saver", remote lock/unlock has some legitimate purpose, so that can stay. As can the power windows - when it wasn't such a physical stretch/contortion to reach the passenger side door from the driver seat, manual-crank windows weren't entirely unreasonable.

The stereo does need to have CD capability, as that is a whole lot easier for some of us to deal with than USB or AUX inputs.

Cruise . . . no need for it. Why I even bother checking it every couple of years to see if it still works is a mystery now that I stop to think about it. My wife never uses it at all (not sure she even knows how).

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