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Originally Posted by fielderLS3 View Post
Keep in mind that just because a car loses mileage compared to another on the EPA test doesn't mean there is actually a difference in the real world. The EPA tests are inaccurate, and since car makers are more often trusted to run the test themselves (see Hyundai/Kia), they are almost not even useful for comparative purposes.
I agree that the mileage numbers used to satisfy the CAFE or EPA or whatever is getting more and more disconnected from what customers really see.

Especially for the V-8s, more and more gimmicky features...AFM, 1st to 4th, etc., are used to get high mileage numbers to satisfy the gov....and can be easily by-passed or unused by the driver...

The next gen LT-1 engines will have AFM in both manual transmission and automatic transmission cars. The Vette's will have a default driving mode that doesn't include AFM being active, you'll have to choose it.

If the government actually matches what drivers get for mpg, and eliminates the gimmicks that the factory can use to get a high rating, I think the party will really be

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