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Originally Posted by meissen View Post
The reason why I said why to the personalized startup screen is that it's just one more complexity that 99% of the people buying the cars wouldn't use or appreciate. And it's added cost, even if it's just a software update, there's more to it than just flicking a switch and allowing it to happen. Now you're talking about having a predefined folder which stores the startup and shutdown screens, access controls around those folders so it doesn't open the infotainment system up to an attack, excessive testing to make sure a user-defined startup or shutdown screen doesn't cause the system to crash, etc. As an example, I heard through an IT buddy that he was testing an infotainment system that let you put a name into some sort of input. If you used too many characters not only did it crash the infotainment system but it permently corrupted the hardware to the point that the system was bricked.
As someone who designs interfaces constantly I have to say whoever programmed that was either stupid or incompetent.
I'm pretty sure if I parsed the files I could make something on my own to set a custom background screen.
I have a '12 so I can't experiment...
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