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I don't think it's disgusting per-se. I am getting tired of seeing cars and trucks with dis-proportioned sides (ridiculously so).

Would be nice if they could make a nicely proportioned car and get away from the 20" wheels. Corvette has a nice proportion to it - and uses 19's (IIRC).

I think if the sides were pulled down to make that design a little sleeker - it would look a lot better. That, IMO - is what the 4th gen should have looked like if GM didnt try to completely change the look of the car (e.g. - taking the 3rd gen and improving on it).

The 4th gen (yes i own one, yes i like it) is much more space-ship"ey" than the 3rd gen or the previous models before it. Too many organic lines.

You have to strike a balance to get a good design.
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