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Originally Posted by Wizard1183 View Post
While I agree, its extermely hard to recreate the same success as your previous. The guy who designed the 5th gen, CANT try to out do himself with the 6th. It wont happen. But I'm going to say it was a team of designers on the 5th as well. I dont know who designed it, but whoever did needs to take a break and have someone else work on the 6th. Otherwise, the refined 5th gen (2014) will be 100x worse on a 6th gen. Theyve blown all their steam creating a VERY HIGHLY successful car. They will never duplicate it. I'm afraid there will be much dissappointment with this coming out style wise. We'll see.....
I don't think that's necessarily the case. Considering how desperate the conditions were at the time they were working on the 5th gen with the economic conditions then and GM about to file bankruptcy, they undoubtedly made compromises they might not have if things were as they are now. Now that GM knows what a success the 5th gen is, they have a lot more confidence in supporting development efforts; just look at what they're doing with the Z/28.

The same designer could absolutely improve his designs if given the free reign to do so and IF he's a true Camaro enthusiast who hasn't gotten bored with it already. Look at what Apple's Jonathan Ive is able to do with his own designs generation after generation.

Given the improvements in materials and technology in the last 7 years the same guy who masterminded the 5th gen could do a quite brilliant evolution to the 6th gen. I really hope we see an inspired-individual design; not a compromised "corporate" design.

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