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I think that they are also considering europe as a market for the camaro and in Europe there is an annual tax mainly based on the cid(cmc) that beeing said it has to be 4 banger and tiny 2 liter. Also in Europe the gas price is a fair big amount double than the price in US so it has to be a high mpg car. In some countrys in Europe the annual tax is approx 2500$ or probably more for the 376 CID(6162CMC)!

P.S. I heard that they are trying to introduce somwhat of a tax like this in USA....maybe GM knows something about it....
The camaro is already available in Europe. All camaros that I saw while living in Germany were the top trim v8 models. In addition, while gas is taxed at a significantly higher rate to subsidize alternative energy, I did not need to drive nearly as much there as in the US. I actually paid much less for fuel there than here. I guess what I am getting at is the camaro is probably just as much of a niche market in Europe.
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