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Originally Posted by SSmokinSS View Post
Decrease in value?
Anyone notice that 4th gens were a dime a dozen 5 years ago, and now they are insanely priced?
I passed on a few $4-5000 SS's before the 5th gen was out. Now they are $10K cars.
I think ours will hold their own.
The 6th gen may be a turd....never know.
1st Gen = Bad ASS
2nd Gen = Meh
3rd Gen = Excellent
4th Gen = Decent
5th Gen = Awesome
6th Gen = ? (if it has 2nd Gen style, I'll pass)
Bring back the square look! IROC style!
I liked he 1st & 2nd gen and absolutely hated the 3rd gen. 4th gen is OK and ofc I love the 5th gen.

Originally Posted by cactuseater View Post
Probably as butt ugly as the new Corvette - and it's industry leading "part time" four cyl. engine......
Good thing looks are subjective because I think the new Corvette is one of the best looking Vette's.

Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Agreed. Its already been stated that Camaro production moves to Lansing in 2015 right....and I don't see any point to simply moving production of the current car there only to retool it a year or two later for the next gen.

5th gen Camaro for 2016 model year.
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