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Originally Posted by mr02Z/28 View Post
I know folks may think I'm crazy but I would love to see a very lite weight 6th Gen with a 2.0L turdbo pushing 320-340hp.... I like odd-ball combos which is why I had a 267ci dual carb set-up in my Chevelle for about 10 years... Most would laugh at a 267ci V-8 in a Chevelle but I thought it was cool..
320 to 340 from a 2.0T would take a big leap in the engine cost and internals. I think 300 is pretty close to the top in the near term.

But for those so dead set against a 4 cylinder............. 2014 Audi S3, 298 HP 2.0T with a nice 0 - 60 of 4.6 seconds. Pretty much running with an SS at that point. Granted a transverse FWD architecture with AWD but 3150 pounds and runs like stink.

So that would bring us back to simply the feel and sound rather than the performance of the V8 being the question at hand.
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