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It is too bad that many car companies try to fit the same front end look on as many vehicles as possible. When you look back at cars in the 60's the only manufacturers doing that were probably Mercedes and Rolls Royce. But you knew a Chevy was a Chevy the same way you know a Camaro isn't a Mustang...because each has their own individual looks that they aren't trying to share with a half dozen vehicles in the line-up. You knew a Chevy was a Chevy and not a Ford or Mopar not because they had the same corporate grill, but because they were clearly an Impala, a Chevelle, a Nova, a Camaro, a Corvair, etc... Sadly, it seems a lot of car companies are more interested that you only know its a certain brand, than a certain model made by a certain brand. No wonder studies are showing that younger generations are feeling less excited about cars than past generations. Thats like wanting people to get excited about ice cream when you're only offering vanilla, chocolate and strawberry when past generations had Ben & Jerry's variety to choose from. But as I said, that's just one person's opinion.
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