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I'm not sure why people are getting in such an uproar about this picture. Its a magazine trying to sell issues. Its pure speculation, which is to say an idea, most likely based on zero hard (or even soft) facts. That being said, our friends at Chevy are likely seeing what enthusiasts' reactions to any design ideas are. My own personal feeling is that I hope going forward we see progression from the 5th, which is really a progression from the first. At the risk of offending other Camaro fans, I think the further Chevy got from the first generation, the less popular it became until they stopped making it completely due to lack of interest. Build off the most iconic of Camaros (the first), like Chevy did with the 5th gens and they'll remain strong. I'm not saying rehash the first or the fifth, but don't start with a car that bears no resemblance to the fist, like they did with the second gens. Just one person's opinion, that's all.
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