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Originally Posted by Wizard1183 View Post
Right as for the Z/28? They'll def have one. But it wont be anything near this one. Remember, these cars are modern muscle and since history repeats itself, you honestly think performance will stay on a steady increase? Lets look back at where these modern muscle cars came from. 1967-69, most notibly 1969. After 1972, the high perfomance started to drop. In '72 you had the LS-3 "396" as the big perfomer. 1973 "SS" was dropped to "LT" and largest engine was a 350 with 243HP max. This is where performance is headed. May not be this drastic since theyre including DI plus Turbos, Twin Turbos/SuperChargers on them to obtain fuel economy and have the HP behind them. But dont expect a plethora of naturally aspirated engines with too high of HP in the next gen as compared to these 5th gens. They do have one engine to get there and thats the LT1 which will have equal or greater HP than the current SS. After this, I dont see it increasing but actually decreasing in displacement and running FI to stay near the HP numbers if they decide they want to stay near it. The 6th gen will probably outperform the 5th because of reduction in weight and the LT1. After this engine, displacement will drop and so will HP.
Imagine the future a little more the California strict way... Camaro 1EV - with an electric option. Rather than fully reliant on gasoline... I wouldn't count on history repeating it self in power decrease, but it would be like the transition into the 3rd gens, they were more or less the first gen with major smog fitments and a more outlook in aerodynamics (some may argue... feel free to correct me if i'm wrong)... the 5th gen to 6th gen could follow with stricter smog requirements and transitioning into electric.

Just a food for thought, not necessarily my hopes or what not..
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