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Originally Posted by fielderLS3 View Post
Which V8? Are you comparing the older 4.6L or 5.4L 2 or 3 valve V8s to the Eco-boost, or the new 5.0L. Because the current 5.0L will blow away the old V8s as well, and has actually been recommended by many over the EcoBoost for people who tow (ie, people who actually use trucks as trucks).
Believe you confusing the 6.2 and 5.0. There is absolutely know comparison between the towing ability of the 5.0 and the Ecoboost. Have you not seen the mirad of videos comparing the two? Even towing up a hill the Ecoboost blew the doors of the 5.0. And that was limiting the tow capacity to the max the 5.0 can handle...because the Ecoboost can two so much more.

I've driven EcoBoost versions of both the F150 and Explorer, and frankly, I came away as not particularly impressed. Contrary to what many say, I found that they do need to rev just a little to get the turbos spooling, and don't have the same off the line kick way down low as a V8.
Ah, that tired old argument. Thought you said you understood the difference between turbo lag and torque managment when I explained it before, but...

For the 90%+ who keep their engines stock, NA will get you more power for less money, with better long term durability.
... you keep stating opinons like this and I realize you really learn nothing. The large number of turbo cars/truck on the road today with 100s of thousands of miles on them be damned, huh?

In light of that argument, let me ask you a couple questions. Why would a V6 Camaro owner not just buy a V6 Camry or Accord that offer similar performance, but with more practicality and better fuel economy? Why would a Camaro SS buyer not buy a 370Z, which offers similar to better overall performance with better fuel economy? After all, that Camaro body and a couple of bucks will get you the same cup of coffee at Starbucks, right?

If you think only numbers on paper, and not subjective, or emotional, or other pleasure/fun factors matter in the Camaro's segment, you do not understand the segment.
Actually, I fully get the idea. That's why I thought his comment was so stupid. Go back to his first post and my comment. I simply pointed it looked like he contridicted himself and for some reason he got his feeling hurt. As many do, the have to bring out the old "but mine sounds better" argument. It's a matter of personal preference. I think if you buy a car for the V8 sound then why buy a Camaro? The Coyote engine sounds way better. If you are a GM boy then get the Z06. Sound like what you are saying? Does it have anything to do with him contraticting himself?
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