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Non smoker here, but I'd like an ashtray to put change in, one that closes up for racing. I did pay for the Onstar after my trial period. One reason, to keep me from literally crying the day I walk outside and my car isn't there. First call to Onstar, second call to Steve the cop, buddy of mine and Camaro enthusiast. No skip shift, but it's not that bad either on a ZL1 or because of how I drive. No middle lock button. I do like the XM enough to pay for it. I'd be pissed if I had hill assist.

I mean other than being heavy I really like how my car is set up. Just that I wish Recaros had been available in 2012. Oh, and ZL1's need fender flares like the Z/28 will have, my paint is shredded, so yeah, with those gills and the wide hips on ole bertha, GM could have put a decent coat of paint on it to keep it from having 1000's of chips per side.

I don't know what it looks like without back seats, I'm going to find out, but an official carpeted rear seat delete option would be awesome. Love my steering wheel controls and the micro fiber on the wheel, but hate the center, wish it was retro like the 2010's. Bigger sun visors for sure.

That's about my take on not really answering the question, I find the car to almost be perfect considering the middle lock button and 4 gauge cluster that I don't use any of don't bother me because I don't look down while I'm driving. For that matter with the HUD, all the gauges could go away, I don't look at them, just the fuel mileage countdown and tire pressure is usually it, maybe oil life.
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