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Originally Posted by KarFan View Post
5th Gen Z/28 is likely the last production car the 7L LS7 will power.

Gen V performance V8's will likely have as many variants as the current Gen IV's lineup.
Remind me to buy you a tasty beverage right around Woodward Dream Cruise time.

LT1, LT4, and maybe something called "LT.85".

LS7 will make "at least 500" hp in the Gen-5 Z/28; LS3 makes 426 in the current SS. Differential of the SS to Z/28 is .85 (or 85%) hp rating: 426/500 = .85.

LT1 in the Gen-6 Z/28 would make "at least 450 hp", as per C7 Vette; LT.85 could be either: 5.3L vs. 6.2L (5.3/6.2 = .85) OR "at least 385 hp" as a 5.3L sport-tuned SS engine (385/450 = .85).

For sure and certain, Reuss and the Team will see to it that the Z/28 continues into Gen-6 as THE top-performing n/a Camaro. And a 5.3L 385 (or greater) hp SS, wearing a tailored suit styled to 3500 lb., would have the same p2w rating as the current SS: 9.06 lb/hp. Better mpgs, too, with the coming 8-speed Automatic or 7-speed Manual, along with the other mpg-assisting technologies aboard.

A 5.3 SS could afford some price stability, too.


LOWDOWN, I'm with you on this one, especially is the "bargain" C7 with the 5.3 materializes.

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