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Originally Posted by right to travel View Post
6th gen line up

turbo 4 LS
LT1 (slightly down in power from vette) Z28 (no slash version)
LF3 (significant bump in power from underrated cadillac version) SS
LT"X" (unknown high displacement DI V8 engine) return to ZL-1 heritage ( notice the added dash)
LT"X" (FI V8?????? See new CAFE standards) there will be a FI v8 and the EPA will determine if the camaro will get one or not if GM can't get this out of the gas guzzler zone)

Random thoughts here. your stupid or not gonna happen comments not desired unless you got some info that would PROVE otherwise. your thoughts on other lineup variations or changes to mine are welcomed.
Personally, I see it more like this:

LTG (turbo 4) for the LS
LFX for the LT
LT1 (98-99% of C7 output) for the SS
HO LT1 (8-10% above C7 output) for the Z/28 (keeping the slash)
LT4 (supercharged) for the ZL1

This is based on what we know to be true right now, as far as Gen V displacements and announced plans. Also, I really think the LF3 is going to stay a Cadillac exclusive engine (at least for the duration of the 6th gen Camaro and 3rd gen CTS).
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