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Originally Posted by Yohan View Post
The main thing the 6th gen needs is WEIGHT reduction. If GM can get weight down to the 3500lbs range, which going to the lighter caddy chassis can do, the current LFX will be fine on the 6th gen. I would not mind getting current LFX on a 3500lb 6th gen at all. All I would want is a a TQ increase w/ current LFX---oh somewhere around 300 TQ would be sweet.
I agree that weight is number 1. I've always thought that, but if they wanted to throw in a little power bump for the V6 I wouldn't complain about that lol. Next gen V6 or T4 should definitely be in the 3,400lb range or less according to the current Cadillac ATS and I'd be happy with that. If it is over 3,500 I'll be dissapointed. Over 3,600 would be ridiculous in my opinion. I fully expect the next gen SS to be betwee 3,500 to 3,600 lbs.

Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
I'm with you on the HP. Getting to 340 with a bump in torque is possible with continued refinement. But the LFX already was a nice refinement. So you could go to 3.7 or 3.8 and manage 340.

The only problem I have is getting MORE HP and MORE torque and also getting MORE MPG. Gearing with an 8 speed will get about 1 MPG according to something I read. It isn't a giant number. So that 1 MPG would only offset the added HP and Torque. So you are back to 30. As I said before, 50% of your highway number is aero. Mass is a portion for sure, but not as big as aero.

Now if you want the package, you only have to look at the Audi S4 I'm driving now. (long story but the ATS just didn't cut it and Audi fits golf clubs in the trunk far better than the gymnastics required to get two sets in the Cadillac). The S4 weighs about what a Camaro V6 weighs. But the wonderfullness is the 3.0 L supercharged V6. It makes 333 HP but the big fun comes from the 325 lbft of torque. It pulls like no other V6 car I've driven and will do a sub 5 second 0-60. The drivability is incredible and in sport mode with the DCT it is pretty much awesome. It's rated at 28 EPA, the same as the ATS.

So a lighter Camaro and more torque would be great for sure. Just not sure if you can have that AND better FE.

The lighter ATS with the Camaro V6 is only rated at 28. So the lighter ATS will not automatically reasult in better FE.
I'm not dissmissing your may end up being right that even with the current power the LFX makes, with less weight, and higher gearing that only 1 more MPG may be possible. Maybe they could only get 30 on the highway, but I hope they can pull off something a bit more without sacrificing power.

I think the next gen V6 (if it comes) HAS to be mid to low 5 second to 60mph, and at least a high 13 second 1/4 mile car. Hell, the current mustang V6 is basically that already with the performance package installed. It is is no faster than the current stock V6, I fear the performance difference between Fords base pony car and Chevy's will be too wide to be acceptable. The Cadillac ATS with the V6 and same gearing as the Camaro pulls off a mid 5 second 0 - 60 already, so I believe the Camaro will as well.
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