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Originally Posted by RallySportRand View Post
Nothing wrong with a V6 in a Camaro. Not everyone wants or can afford an SS.

Heck, I think a 4 cylinder should be available for those that want it.

Who knows, maybe GM will put the 4 cylinder from the Equinox in the 6th Gen? If it can push around a 4000 lb Equinox, it should be able to push around a 5th or 6th Gen.
Correct! And in 1967 guess what the first option of the camaro was? It wasnt a V6, but an I6!

9/10, they'll have the TT4cyl (or single Turbo at minimum), a V6, SS, 1LE (hopefully more HP than the SS) and Z/28. I beleive the ZL-1 will not be made after this generation. No way they delete the Z/28 from the list as its ALWAYS been made every gen even if you were simply buying a badge in the late 70s though now.

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