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Originally Posted by Norm Peterson View Post
Because "trying to imitate the V8 rumble" is the path that 9 out of every 10 exhaust discussions concerning 6 cylinder engines follows. Might as well head it off from the get-go.

Don't be lecturing me about the sixxer exhaust note without knowing how I feel about the topic. Two of the cars in my driveway have V6 engines. I can play a pretty sweet tune running up and down through the gears on the little 7500 rpm-capable 2.5L in my Mazda 626, now that I've swapped in a more open muffler. It more than makes up for not being all that fast by being satisfying to listen to and a whole lot of fun to drive.

Hell, I'd put an X-pipe exhaust on the V8 car that I have now if it needed exhaust system repair, like I effectively did with the V8 car I had before that. There's just something about the snarl that builds as you're running up through the midrange and it echoes off the Jersey lane barriers or when going through a tunnel . . .

FWIW, I doubt that a 90 V6 engine is considered commercially acceptable for use in a passenger car any more. Trucks, maybe. Being able to run it down the 90 V8 production line is unlikely to still be a good enough reason to outweigh the disadvantages.

If I wanted the V8 rumble I would have bought a V8. The V6 is enough car for me.

Obviosly any V6 will not sound like a V8, but the 4.3 would have a deeper sound then the 3.6, based on my experiences with the old version of the 4.3

Thanks for assuming Norm.
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