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Originally Posted by Gibroni View Post
The V8 is a dinosaur. Mercedes is going with 6 cylinder turbos in their performance cars within the next 2 years. The Caddy CTS will have 3 engine options, the 2.0 turbo 4, the NA 3.6 V6 And the TT 3.6 V6. Those are the options for the Next Camaro. You might see the V8 in a high performance model such as the next gen ZL1 or Z28.
This may be a thread about the V6 option, and I'm a big advocate for it. But I definitely disagree with your statement. The V8 is no "dinosaur", and you can bet it will be back again in the "SS" model, or whatever designation they give to the higher performance version in the 6th gen.

I still believe the V6 is the one in most danger of going least in this particular vehicle. The Caddy gets the TT 3.6 in part to the fact that they want to push this car more in overseas segments, which are used to seeing more boosted V6s in cars like that.
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