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Originally Posted by Gibroni View Post
The V8 is a dinosaur. Mercedes is going with 6 cylinder turbos in their performance cars within the next 2 years.
Only because of external regulatory pressures that have little to do with engine architecture. Mercedes is simply bowing to those arbitrary requirements.

The Caddy CTS will have 3 engine options, the 2.0 turbo 4, the NA 3.6 V6 And the TT 3.6 V6. Those are the options for the Next Camaro. You might see the V8 in a high performance model such as the next gen ZL1 or Z28.
Know that the 90 V8 is clearly a better arrangement than any of those in at least one significant respect, that being internal balance. You perceive this as 'smoothness'. Inline fours tend to get a bit rough at displacements much past 2.0L, as do most V-sixes at much bigger than about 3.5L. Think "thrashy at high rpms". It can be crutched to some extent through the added cost, complexity, and weight of adding balance shafts. Or by soft and expensive engine mounts. Neither technique benefits performance.

I actually like IL-4's and V6's - as long as their displacement limitations are respected rather than crowded.

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