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Originally Posted by unkillsam View Post
I am the only one that would love to see the 4.3 truck motor in the 6th Gen? 290-310 HP in a lighter chassis but more importantly 310-315 lb/ft of torque, plus I bet it would sound better then the current LFX, more rumbly.
I doubt we will see that engine in a Camaro. GM is reportedly working on a new family of V6 engines that I'm betting we will see.

The 4.3 has all the new tech, but as a 90 degree engine it should be high on torque but not sure if we will see 300HP out of it, but I hope we do. I'm guessing if a V6 does make it into the Camaro again it will be another high reving 60 degree engine like the current LFX, but hopefully with 340+ HP and around 290TQ. It may even have cylinder shutoff like the 4.3 does.

Originally Posted by Norm Peterson View Post
If you're hoping that "more rumbly" will be more like "V8-rumbly", that's not gonna happen from any size or configuration of six cylinders.

Norm, why the assumption that he mean't "V8 rumbly". We have our own form of sound that we no need to jump in with a useless comment. Yeah a V6 won't ever sound just like a V8, but if you think they can't sound "rumbly" and have a good strong tone, then you are just ignorant. Nothing wrong with not knowing. It just takes a lot more work to get there than it does with the V8.
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