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Post Official 6th gen Camaro FACTS Thread

This thread is for posting known facts about the 6thgen Camaro. Post what you know with a link proving it.

FACT—The 6thgen Camaro will be built in Lansing, Michigan alongside its Alpha platform mate the Cadillac ATS (GM).

Things we can reasonably expect (NOT FACTS):
  • available 8-speed automatic
  • LT1 engine (SS model)
  • turbo-4 (competes directly with Ford turbo-4 Mustang and imports)
  • evolutionary styling
  • significant weight reduction

Additional facts provided by SuperSound! Appreciate the help! Will edit when I get to a PC to clean up the post. As of 4/27/15

Originally Posted by SuperSound
Threw this together. Tried to just stick to the wording used by the GM press releases. Not sure we are missing any other real facts.

The structure of the new Camaro is 28% stiffer than previous generation.


Weight savings of at least 200lbs curb weight compared to the previous generation.

Total weight for the suspension is 21% lighter than current steel-intensive assemblies.


LT1 power confirmed with 20% tailored for the Camaro application, including tri-Y tubular exhaust manifolds.

Approximately 70% of the Alpha chassis components are unique to the Camaro.


Enhanced NPP exhaust electronically controlled.

New Drive Mode Control system with up to 8 vehicle variables adjusted in 4 driving modes including Snow/Ice, Tour, and Sport. A Track mode will be exclusive to SS.

MRC will be available for the Camaro SS.
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