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This was posted in another thread, and I thought it was worth copying over to this thread.

Originally Posted by DGthe3

What I would like to see with the next gen of V6s is a small 3.1L that cranks out around 270 hp/230 ft-lbs with reasonable efficiency (probably besting the 2L turbos). That would be enough for most of the smaller vehicles that use V6s. But then have a larger one, say 3.8L, that is up at about 350 hp and 290 ft-lbs (like you mentioned) for full size cars, large crossovers, and the Camaro. Off the large one, you can make your turbo6 with similar output as the LT1 V8, for applications where it doesn't make sense to actually use the V6. There would be no point in doing a turbo version of the smaller one as it would likely barely best the big V6 in output. ...
I have to say I fully agree with this.
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