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Originally Posted by Mikes SS View Post
If the Gen 6 weighs 3-400 lbs less than the gen 5, it takes less torque and HP to get it moving..if you think they are gonna still put a 425-450 HP engine in a base V8 camaro, I sadly feel we are at a disagreement.
We do disagree. The base 6th gen SS will have 425-450hp.

Keep in mind that the base 2015 Mustang GT will also be in that 425-450 hp range, and weigh about the same as the 6th-gen. The GT already undercuts the SS by $3-4K on price, so if they go with a 5.3L with 375-385-ish hp in the base SS and charge extra for the 425-450hp 6.2L on top of that, it starts to become a hard sell outside the "will never buy anything but a Chevy" community. GM's product planners are certainly smart enough to know that, and the 6th-gen SS will be equipped accordingly.
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