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Originally Posted by fielderLS3 View Post
Why are so many people here so accepting of the notion of something standard in the 5th gen model becoming a premium option that will cost considerably more in the 6th gen?
Nobody ever said the price of the 6.2 should go up just that the 5.3 should be less then in turn the 6.2 would be considered a premium engine and cost more then a 5.3 but not much higher then the outgoing model. Also the 6.2 lt1 isn't the same as the the 6.2 ls3 so your point is invalid.
Originally Posted by Bhobbs View Post
Because people are rolling over and letting the government dictate what we can and cannot have.
Correction "we the people" are only able to buy what the manufactures give us so don't blame us blame them.
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