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Originally Posted by meissen View Post
I'm really surprised at the news about a "base" Corvette... My understanding was that they were calling the C7 the Stingray because they wanted everyone to feel like they were getting that "upgraded" model. If they wanted a base then they should have had just a Corvette, and then the Corvette Stingray as an upgraded model. Doesn't make sense and contradicts what they were saying when the C7 was unveiled.
The way I understand it the 5.3 Vette is called the Corvette Coupe, not a Stingray. Different hood, front fenders, and a none removable top. GM is the one that said it was going to use the "truck 5.3". This is how the C5 ZO6 started out, as a less expensive Vette with the truck motor, but the last minute put the 345hp motor in it. Later they put 405hp in it and called the ZO6.
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