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Originally Posted by fielderLS3 View Post
The logic could work both ways. Any savings based on the volume of the 5.3L displacement could be offset by differences between the truck engines and car engines. The 5.3L is the volume truck engine, but the volume advantage of the 5.3L displacement may be offset by the volume disadvantage of having a unique version of the 5.3L just for the Camaro. It depends on exactly what is interchangeable.

Ultimately, whatever cost differences there may be between the various displacements and applications of the small blocks is probably fairly small, certainly not anywhere near enough to affect price to the point that another trim can be separated out. So even if a 5.3L SS was offered (and it probably won't be), it will likely be priced where the current 1SS is, not below it. Sure, the 6.2L comes with a price premium in the trucks, but not because it costs GM that much more. It's mostly just marketing (attaching the larger engine to premium trims). The standard models pay for themselves and get people in the door, but the options are where the real money is made.
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